Strong Rubber Bone Toy for Dogs that love to Chew!

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Here’s a safe and strong rubber treat bone toy to give your dogs something to sink their teeth into. It’s made by KONG, and they specialize in tough toys for tough dogs!

In a classic bone shape, it gives your dog a favorite shape to chew on without the worry of a real bone that might splinter and hurt your dog.

This sturdy black rubber bone is not only great for gnawing on, but has treat dispensers on each end. KONG makes special stuffing treats that fit the bone toy, or you can make your own, or use something simple like putting peanut butter in the space.

The material is puncture resistant, and while no toy is truly indestructible, these KONG toys generally do a good job of holding up to aggressive chewers.

It comes in two sizes, one for medium dogs weighing 15 to 35 pounds, and a large size for bigger dogs. That gives you a choice of a good size for your dog to chomp on.

I like the fact I can give this to my dog without worrying he’ll hurt himself, but he can still enjoy gnawing on his strong rubber bone toy. And if I want to make it even more interesting, I can stick a treat in the ends as well!