If you allow your dogs up on the couch, and let’s face it, most people do… then you may have the problem of your couch smelling like a stinky dog. That mean’s it’s time to get rid of the smell so both you and your dog can be happy.

How To Remove Pet Odor from Couch Fabric!

No need to sit there on a smelly couch, or be embarrassed when someone comes over and wrinkles their nose from the nasty smell emanating from your couch.

Sure you can use a lot of different things to mask the odors, but those methods only last a short while.

That means forget stuff like:

  • sprinkling baking soda on your couch,
  • using laundry detergent to scrub the couch,
  • trying a carpet shampooer to get out the smell,
  • Spraying Lysol all over the fabric,
  • Or using Febreze or any other kind of spray.

Whatever the ads might say, these products don’t really get rid of the odor. They just mask it for a while. That can be a good stopgap measure when you’re in a hurry, but what you need is something that will actually get rid of the smell.

Sometimes it takes a thorough cleaning with the right product to get your couch clean and smelling good again.

How To Really Get Rid Of Any Funky Smells On Your Couch

If you can take the covers off the cushions, that is the easiest way to clean your couch. However, if your covers are not removable that means you’ll have to try something different.

Here’s a video that tells you just how to do that. The method used here doesn’t just cover up the smells, but actually deep cleans the couch and removes the odors.

To start out, all the seat cushions should be taken off the couch. Then you should vacuum where they were to get all loose dirt and hair off the couch.

Take your time and get every bit of dirt and hair swept off the couch. If there’s a bunch of dirt and hair on there, it’s not going to clean up very well in the following steps.

If your vacuum has an attachment made for cleaning furniture, such as a smaller one with a spinning brush, now would be a good time to use it. A brush attachment tool works especially well to get dog hair off armrests and the back of couch.

The point is… do a thorough job with whatever tool you have and make sure to get as much dirt as you can off the couch fabric.

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Secret Weapon for Pet Odor Removal

Now to get rid of any dog smell left on your couch. The magic solution mentioned in the video is EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator. The video refers to it as “liquid gold in a bottle.”

This product is non-toxic and fragrance-free, Non-bleaching and nonstaining and is safe to use on any water-safe surfaces, flooring, carpeting, upholstery, and for vehicle deodorization. It is supposed to remove New Carpet odors, chemical smells, and malodors (such as that funky dog smell!).

According to the manufacturer of this product, here are some important facts about using this odor remover:

  • Apply this product only to non-sensitive surfaces that can handle being soaked in water. (If you’re unsure, test a small area before doing a full treatment.)
  • When directly applying onto the surface diluted, the easiest application is to use a spray bottle with 1-part EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator to 4-parts fresh, warm water.
  • Spray directly on the surface you’re cleaning and leave it there for a 15 full minutes before you clean it off. Remove via wet extraction, like a wet vacuum or a carpet shampooer, but do not use it as a cleaner replacement… it can clog the equipment if you’re not careful.
  • If working with light odors, dilute the solution 1:4 with water, apply for 15 minutes, then remove.

Remaining Steps to Removing Dog Odor on Your Couch

Once you’ve removed what covers you can and put them in the washing machine, then mixed up your cleaning solution, keep in mind it is important to keep it well mixed. The easiest way to apply it is to put the mixture in spray bottle. Make sure the to shake well.

Next follow these four (4) steps:

1. Spray mixture on fabric where you want to remove the odor. Saturate the fabric so that you can see a visible layer of the mixture on the fabric.

2. Use a cloth to rub over the fabric and make sure the liquid odor eliminator mixture is worked deep into the fabric. You want to be sure it gets to all the odor causing substances!

3. Let the mixture soak into the fabric for 15 minutes.

4. Remove product from fabric with a “wet extractor”… an extension of a carpet shampooer for example. Use plain water only, do not use any soap. At this point you want to get the cleaner out, not add more cleanser of any kind.

You can spray plain water onto the fabric to help dilute the mixture, then use your preferred wet extraction method to remove both the water and the odor remover mixture.

At this stage, no scrubbing is required. All you need to do is try to remove as much moisture as you can so the fabric will dry easier. Once the product has all been removed, allow the couch to air dry.

The Finishing Touches to the Odor Removal Process

If you have some ceiling fans, turn them on and allow them to move the air and help the couch to dry. Another option might be to set up a table top fan or two, and let those blow on the couch to help move along the drying process.

Once the couch is totally dry, it’s time to put back on the seat cushions. If they had removable covers that you washed, replace those, then put the cushions back on the couch.

After all of that work you should have a nice, fresh smelling couch with the added benefit of it looking nice and clean as well.

And that’s how you remove pet odor from a couch so you can relax on your couch, invite friends over, do whatever you want without worrying about how it smells!