Sometimes you get your mind set on one particular thing, and in this case we’re talking about a red leather dog collar.

Good leather makes a nice smooth collar for a dog, along with being strong.

Then there’s the fact that red is a great color collar on some dogs, especially white or black.

But if you like red, it looks good on about any dog, right?

Finding a dog collar made out of leather at a good price is always nice, and I like to check out what is available on eBay. Sometimes there are some real bargains, and also you can often find things there that you can’t find anywhere else.

For instance, they often have discontinued items for sale like a Disney Minnie leather collar in red.

Anyway, it’s a nice place to look if you have an interest in getting a new collar for your dog. About any color really…. but for now we’ll stick with red ones!

As always on eBay, remember it’s an auction venue, and there are usually limited items available. If you see something you’d like to have, don’t wait too long or someone else might snap it up or the auction be over.

Treat your dog to a bright splash of red around their neck! 🙂