People often get confused about the term peafowl.  It’s actually the correct term when talking about both peacocks and peahens, and also the peachicks.  After all, not all these birds are peacocks, which are the boys, or they’d die out pretty quickly, wouldn’t they?  So remember:

  • Peafowl: all genders and ages
  • Peacocks: boys ONLY
  • Peahens: the girls
  • Peachicks: the kids of course!
Peacock with tail fanned out.

Peacock with tail fanned out.

To make matters even MORE confusing, although we say the peacock is fanning his tail feathers. . . he really isn’t.  They’re actually highly elongated upper tail coverts.  As the name implies, coverts cover other feathers – in this case the actual tail feathers.

These are Indian Blue Peafowl.  You can also see in the above picture that the male has blue feathers on his neck.   The female has greenish feathers on her neck.  Once they get old enough to see the color of the neck feathers, it’s easy to tell the boys from the girls.  But it takes a few months for that to happen!

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At present we don’t have any. They got loose and a fox or other predator dispensed with most of them, so we decided to give away the final two and no longer raise peafowl.